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I am finally doing the links page where I will put some cheerfull links that may or may not say something about museus, libraries, etc.

I'm thinking on how this new section is going to work tematically, maybe I will leave one version for the two languages (english an portuguese) considering that there aren't many significant changes between the pages.

Tomorrow I will post more about the links and about a book I have been reading in quarantine called "The Invisible Web" (it's about search engines, information sources, etc).

Directly or indirectly from it that I discovered a bunch of websites.

The book is from 2007 so there are many websites cited that just vanished from the web, but surprisingly many blogs about information and library science are still in operation since the 90's.

This and many others I will be adding to my new links lists.

Italian Futurism

I've been on vacation for a week now and my last project at work was making a video about Futurism

I actually lied, my last project was about embroidery, and my penultimate one was about futurism, more specifically Antonio Sant'Elia's futuristic architecture.

In my other blog entirely in Portuguese I adapted my video script to make a post citing my sources, I found it very fun to research this topic and I found very interesting things. The wikipedia article on this type of architecture cited a deleted site and the link that was in the bibliography (which I only noticed after a while) took me to an arqchived version of it on the Wayback Machine, there I spent a few minutes trying to load the page with a pdf of the "rationalist architecture" magazine talking about some futuristic architects. My wait was very rewarding and I downloaded the pdf with a lot of information about the evolution of the architects ideas.

Sometimes I wonder if there's a better way to translate all my emotions from the research and the discoveries in my videos. But over the next few months I'm going to focus in simpler videos because of the deadlines. I think I'll be doing a new post soon about Umberto Boccioni's sculptures that were thrown in the trash and about how one of the "survivors" ended up in the Museum of Contemporary Arts in São Paulo :o

For now I'm not going to be thinking about work, after all I'm on my vacations :D


Sorry for the late update.

I have been finishing my completion of course work and doing another video for my work, but I believe that by the end of June I will be much more peaceful with all this works.

But for now I will leave two links for you all, one of what I found in my websites lists until now and the other something that I have been watching.

Space Engine

For some years now I have been following this super cool engine that I wanted to share.

Every now and then I look on Youtube if there are some new videos about this "game" (I think it can be called a game) I would spend several hours watching the planets that are created in the game's universe, I think Jerma made a live playing Space Engine.

Sometimes I spend looking at their discord and downloading the screenshots that appear there, I will remember to add a new page with links from my ingur so I can show the images I saved, I will still learn about how I can do that though. In my first blog, in my first publication (or second I don't know) I have one of these screenshots. A spaceship orbiting a moon and a planet that I used to express how I feel in the pandemic :p.

Thinking about this image thing, in a next one, I would like to talk about a post on the Something Awful Forums about the use of the Internet Archive for an image "archeology" on this old image hosting site Waffleimages, this post was the entry door for my more extensive explorations of the Internet Archive and to be honest I don't remember much of everything in the post, maybe when I revisit it I can reason better what it said.

The image I have mentioned, very pretty :) (it was in fact the second publication).

Internet Museums

On quarantine I began some researchs to make some videos for the youtube channel of my workplace.

And something that interested me intensely, way before starting this work, was the provision of public domain content from museums, libraries and archives on the internet. So I started to give a little more attention to the digital environment of museums in Brazil, because despite spending a lot of time on digital collection sites, most of them were not from my country, much less in Portuguese.

Obviously I didn't know very well where to start looking at the sites, of course I know many museums physically, and many colleagues suggested collection sites to me, but to start looking at the general scenario I was quite confused.

On the first months of the quarantine in a series of webinars I discovered several museologists and their work with museum audiences, so I sent an email to the participants, one of them being Clarisse Rosa, a museologist in Rio de Janeiro, who showed me the map of museums from RENIM that took me to a first step in researching museums.

I will continue to talk about my research in future posts.

Glass museum

While researching futurism, I found a link to a digitalized magazine with crazy glass works.

To tell you the truth what caught my attention the most is the magazine's old aesthetic, which is from 1991. It's name is New Glass Review and it seems to be about a competition of objects and glass works, where participants from several countries met. If you see in the table of participants some of them are even from the Soviet Union.

I'm not gonna lie the face of the work 47 on page 19 is very scary, and the object 68 on page 23 looks like "Ecce Homo" that restoration that they tried to do in a painting of Christ in Spain in 2012.

Ecce Homo, circa 1991

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